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Over 50 years ago we started raising quarter horses with the foundation quarter horse conformation.  The Blue Roan color was added a little later, in addition to our Red Roans, Bay Roans, and Dun Roans.

Hart Bros. Livestock originated in 1969 between four brothers:  "Slim" (Donna's husband), Manly (wife Marlyn), Dixie, and Jack (wife Edra) Hart.  Their father Plin (wife Ruby) was a livestock dealer and auctioneer in South Dakota and the boys followed in his footsteps.  Manly in South Dakota, Slim and Dixie in California and Oregon, and Jack in California and Arkansas.


We moved a lot of horses all over the states for years.  We furnished horses for the movies (Beast Masters, Tru Lies, Cowboy and Aliens, and many, many more).  Hart Horses were the first to have a 6-up (besides Budweiser) to pull a float in the Rose Parade (Western Airlines received the Presidente Award).


As time went on we all got a little older and just a little (very little) slower.  Hart Bros. Livestock also became known as Hart's Livestock.  And at one time we had the most owned/raised registered AQHA horses in California. One of our horses went to the Olympics and several have been well-known polo horses, rope horses, show horses, ranch horses and some were just great companions.  Most or all of these horses have the "Heart" Brand.


Slim and his three brothers have all gone to be with the LORD, and Donna is continuing on with the legacy of Hart Horses with the         brand on the left shoulder


Please email or call Donna with any questions you might have regarding Hart Quarter Horses!


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